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The Most Common Basement Waterproofing Methods and How to Choose the Best One

The basement is one of the most essential parts of the home. It provides extra storage and living space that you can utilize for multiple purposes easily. However, it is the deepest and neglected part of your house especially vulnerable to water leakage which can easily damage the foundation, walls, and floor, and the growth of mold which can easily decrease the value of your property. Waterproofing the basement is the best way to keep your basement safe and clean but for that, you need expert roofing services to get this job done professionally and give you a long-lasting solution. 


 To prevent your basement from these problems you need a team of experts and professionals and here our top services come to save your home foundation  Indiana roof replacement and Michigan roofing services are one of the top leading roofing and waterproofing services, providing you the best solutions for all your waterproofing problems in one go. 


But does your basement need waterproofing services? Well, let’s understand the basement waterproofing importance. Then we discuss the most common methods of waterproofing.

Importance of Basement Waterproofing

  • Waterproofing prevents water damage to your homes, walls, foundation, and floors.
  • Water leakage can be the cause of mold growth. That’s why it is important to Waterproof your basement to protect your and your family’s health.
  • Waterproofing services protect your basement flooding from snowfall or rainfall.
  • Waterproofing keeps your basement dry and keeps the environment safe for storage, living, and other activities.
  • It increases the lifespan of the house, preventing any damage to your foundation.
  • It keeps your money safe by preventing costly repairs and replacements.
  • It increases the value of your property by protecting you from any water leakage.
  • Waterproofing provides indoor air quality by decreasing humidity levels in your basement.

Best Waterproofing Methods

Exterior Basement Waterproofing

Exterior basement waterproofing is the best method and the most common technique for waterproofing. The process is to remove the foundation walls and treat the exposed area with a waterproof coating. It is one of the most successful and best approaches that completely stops water from penetrating your home’s foundation walls. However, it is a very costly and time-consuming method. 

If you have an extra budget for exterior basement waterproofing, then it is the best investment that will protect your home and your basement, because it is a long-lasting solution to prevent any damage or leakage of water. The process includes removing the ground around the foundation of your home, then cleaning the walls and repairing any cracks if required, and lastly, applying the waterproof coating with installing the grainy system to channel away from your home. 

The cost and the time of the base exterior basement waterproofing. It depends upon the condition of your basement side of the basement severity of the moisture accessibility off the foundation walls. However, the benefits of waterproofing are worth the investment for a long-lasting solution

Interior Basement Waterproofing

Interior basement waterproofing is one of the best techniques that involves the setting of a drainage system within your basement to gather the water and direct the water away from the foundation of your home. However, this method is less expensive than external waterproofing, and it prevents water from reaching the foundation walls of your house.

The process of interior waterproofing involves digging a trench around your basement from the perimeter, then setting up a drain pipe and filling a trench with gravel and concrete. 


This method is very effective to prevent that water from reaching out your walls and floor to your basement but if you are looking for a short-term solution for your water leakage in your basement, then this method would be best as it’s not a permanent solution then exterior basement waterproofing.


The sealant techniques involve implementing a particular coating on the walls and floors with epoxy or polyurethane. It helps the walls and floors to stop reaching the water. It is one of the most successful methods of waterproofing a basement as it is quite cost-effective and easy to apply and that is why it has gained much popularity in recent years. 

The process of the sealant involves cleaning the surface properly to get rid of any dust, debris, or any other pollutant. Then the sealant needs to be applied through a brush or roller and let dry and cure to prevent any water leakage that makes a barrier to prevent any moisture in the basement.

How to Choose the Best Method for Basement Waterproofing

Basement waterproofing is essential for protecting your home from any water leakage and mold growth. However, there are many different methods for waterproofing your basement but it’s quite difficult to choose the best method to prevent any damage. Let’s discuss how to choose the best waterproofing ways for your basement. 


  1. The first and most essential step is to identify the source of water. For that, you need to take a look around more closely to understand if water is coming through the cracks or if is it due to the poor drainage around the home, or if it is sleeping on the floor. It will help you understand and choose to decide which method will be the best for waterproofing your basement.
  2. The second thing understands if the foundation of your house includes the best waterproofing method. If you have poured concrete foundation then an interior drainage system would be the best option and if you have a block foundation then choose the waterproofing method as it is the most effective for that foundation. 
  3. Determine your budget first then it will help you choose a cost-effective method. All the waterproofing methods’ costs vary and mostly depend on the damage and leakage of the affected area. 

The last thing is you need expert roofing services because waterproofing is not easy or a DIY way that anyone can solve.


The waterproofing method is an essential and long-lasting investment to prevent your home from any damage or water leakage. There are many different methods available which you need to choose with careful consideration and hire a professional expert. Indiana roof replacement and  Michigan roofing services are providing the best waterproofing services with highly qualified professionals who can easily solve water leakage problems at reasonable prices. Contact us to get the best waterproofing services you need. 

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